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What to Expect

     I strive to be an attentive, approachable teacher. My yoga therapy sessions and yoga classes are efficient and effective, but also relaxed.

     For the intake session, which is included in your first appointment, we will likely meet at my private yoga studio. Be sure to choose clothes that are loose enough that you can move freely, but snug enough that your posture can easily be observed.

     During the intake, you and I will talk in detail about your particular health concerns and personal goals. If your concerns are primarily physical, I will probably perform a postural analysis, where you simply stand in place, and I take detailed notes on your body’s structure. (Later, we may use these notes to measure your progress.) Next, I may ask you to show me what you have difficulty doing so I can get a clear idea of our starting point. For example, if a client is recovering from knee-replacement surgery, I might ask him to show me how far he can bend and extend his knee.

If your concerns are with respiration or stress, I will strive to get a clear picture of those concerns, your goals, your current lifestyle, and any other health conditions that may be affecting you.

     Next, I will answer your questions. Finally, based on the information I have gathered, I will develop your yoga program, and our sessions will begin.