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Remote Yoga Classes are Here!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Luna's yoga classes and sessions are continuing through remote learning online from the comfort of your home. Luna is offering remote learning group classes and private sessions. It's easy to get started.

Intermediate Yoga Class: Tuesdays at 4pm MT

Beginning Yoga Class:  Saturdays at 8am MT

Private Sessions:  By Appointment

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Begin Where You Are 

Yoga Therapy offers opportunities to optimize health and well-being, often enabling clients to overcome perceived restrictions.  Adapted practices for body, breath, and mind allow the client the flexibility to practice according their own individual needs with a program designed especially for them.

Yoga therapy improves well-being and support for health challenges including: 

Chronic pain

 Respiratory Illness 


Heart Disease

Rehab for recent injury 

Stress Management

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Improve your well-being. Begin today.

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Yoga Therapy

Private yoga therapy sessions can address your individual health concerns and build confidence for other activities with an individualized home practice. Whether you want to build stamina or mindfulness, yoga offers options from movement to meditation.

Assisted bodywork may also be incorporated into your session.

Adapted Yoga Classes

Yoga Therapy Classes give community support and additional instruction to help you move toward your goals.  Do you find that regular yoga classes aren't right for you?

Feel the difference in these self-paced classes with lots of adaptations for everybody.


Yoga Lifestyle

Private consultations also include the opportunity to find the right balance and support in your daily activities, nutrition, stress management, exercise, and other factors that may be contributing to your health concerns.

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